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Production Technician

Production Technicians are essential for successful production. They are the ones who control production jointly with the shift supervisors, and who contribute to process improvements.


Makes production happen

Production Technicians are responsible for monitoring the production line. To that end, they help write procedures and ensure the procedures are followed. As part of their product quality controls, they collect samples. In addition, they must be responsive and able to reach the right decisions in the event of a malfunction or failure in the production chain.

Works closely with the shift supervisor

Production Technicians are in permanent contact with shift supervisors, and may be required to take over from them in their absence. What is more, shift supervisors count on their Production Technicians to provide them with information about anything that could adversely affect production or safety.


As their job title suggests, these people work in production. Versatile, they also have the responsibility of inspecting equipment and carrying out first-level cleaning and maintenance on this equipment. If necessary, they may be required to take over the controls in the control room.

What are the essential qualities?


Production Technicians coordinate their activities with Production Engineers, Maintenance Engineers, shift supervisors, team supervisors and contractors. Given the number and diversity of these people, the technicians must have strong interpersonal skills.


They must be able to respond very quickly and intelligently in an urgent situation.


Production Technicians who have acquired a fair amount of expertise must be able to share their know-how with less-experienced teams. They are the go-to people in their field.

Educational requirements

Several paths are possible for becoming a Production Technician, including:

• BTS industrial mechanisation and automation, for the manufacturing industry
• DUT electrical engineering and industrial computing
• DUT mechanical engineering and industrial automation
• BTS process control engineering and automatic controls, for flow-line production industries

One can also become a Production Technician with sufficient experience plus a CAP (certificate of professional aptitude) or bac pro with specialisation in industrial maintenance, automation, etc.

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