Preparing for my arrival

I am a visitor if:

  • • I do not have a binding contract or purchase order with Koniambo Nickel.
  • • I am not doing any work on the site.
  • • I am always accompanied by the person I am visiting or that person’s delegate.

“If I take part in any work or plan to do so, I am a worker and I forfeit my visitor status.”

  • Examples of visitors:
  • • I am making a business presentation or offer to Koniambo Nickel.
  • • I am a teacher, student or guardian.
  • • I am carrying out an inspection for the government or another authority.
  • • I am a tourist.

  • During your site visit, please be wearing:
  • • Closed footwear.
  • • A long-sleeved shirt.
  • • Long trousers.

As well, please bring proof of identity.

While at the site, you must at all times be accompanied by an on-duty contact person; please be sure to bring with you the name and coordinates of your contact person so that person can greet you.

I am a worker if:

  • • I have a binding contract or purchase order with Koniambo Nickel, or I am working for someone or a company with a contract or purchase order with Koniambo Nickel.
  • • I am participating in or doing work on Koniambo Nickel's site.
    • As a worker:
    • - I enforce and comply with Koniambo Nickel's procedures.
    • - I have completed the training session on the personal safety of workers and the security of the facilities (orientation, hazard analysis, work permits, etc.).

Click on this e-Learning link to sign in or register for online safety training.

e-Learning courses

“Our e-Learning courses cover some elements of the safety training required of workers before they arrive on site.”

You will first need to a obtain username and password from our Health and Safety Department’s training team, which you can reach by e-mail at formation@koniambonickel.nc.

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