Our recruitment procedure

Koniambo Nickel’s recruitment procedure is clearly mapped. What follows is a step-by-step description of the entire procedure, from application to initiation.

Steps in employee recruitment

01 Pre-selection

Candidates submit their curriculum vitae and any other required document in accordance with the instructions given in the call for candidates.

The Human Resources team receives the applications and saves them in a database. The team studies every application received and makes an initial selection based on the required skills and profiles.

An initial contact is made with the candidates of interest. The purpose of this contact is to check the key points of their candidacy. An account of the exchange is given to the requesting department. The requesting department studies the applications and related accounts and tells the recruitment team which candidates it wants to interview.

The recruitment team contacts the candidates named by the requesting department and invites them to an interview. Interviews are held in the presence of a recruiting officer and a representative from the requesting department. In most cases, the department is represented by the hierarchical superior of the future employee. The purpose of this interview is to verify the candidate’s adequacy for the position and to observe the candidate’s self-management skills and know-how while discussing career history and career plans.

02 Selection

On the basis of a conclusive interview, the candidate will be asked to provide references.

Following up with the references is an important aspect of recruitment, as it serves to elucidate additional information on the candidate and the candidate’s experience, but it is never considered as an only element when making the final decision.

The candidate will also have to undergo personality and aptitude tests. These tests provide additional information on the candidate’s self-management skills and aptitude for positioning himself or herself within the company and in the position to be filled.

03 Finalisation of selection

The requesting department makes a final choice based on all the elements gathered as part of the recruitment procedure. The successful candidate is then offered a contract.

We comply with New Caledonia’s labour laws when we select and recruit the best candidates.

Steps in trainee recruitment

01 Receipt of your application for training

After we receive your application, comprised of your curriculum vitae and cover letter, we will issue an acknowledgement of receipt. This means that your application has been duly considered and forwarded to the department or departments potentially interested in it.

02 Review of your application for training

If your application is favourably received, we will arrange a meeting for an initial contact. This meeting may be held in person at Koniambo Nickel’s recruitment bureau, or by video conference, depending on your geographic location. Present at this meeting will be a representative from Operations and a representative from Human Resources.

03 Outcome of your application for training

You will hear from us after this interview as soon as possible. If your application is approved, we will inform you by email of the administrative documents we will need to open your file and prepare for your arrival.

We hope to see you on one of Koniambo Nickel’s teams!

Koniambo Nickel SAS