Peter HANCOCKHow to produce Nickel with optimal performance?
Koniambo Nickel’s economic model is innovative, ensuring our competitiveness despite fluctuations in the price of nickel. This has been made possible thanks to the unremitting performance effort put into developing skills and sharing our experience. Every one of our employees is an essential link in our ongoing quest for excellence and performance as we fulfil our vision of being a world-class industrial site.

President, Koniambo Nickel

What performance means to me, and how I make it happen

Be and continue to be a trusted partner for the long term

  • • Adopt win-win strategies in our labour relations
  • • Proactively manage expectations for the development of local companies and contractors

“We work to promote dialogue among all the sectors, because listening and respect improve everyone’s lot! !”

Advisor, Social Dialogue

Enhance the individual performance of our collaborators 

  • • Program for transferring skills from experts to apprentices
  • • Proactive management of presenteeism to reduce absenteeism
  • • Management and dynamic evaluation of individual performance

“Our mission is to follow through on the transfer of knowledge and skills so as to quickly raise the performance level of our New Caledonian associates.”

Louis GAGNÉ (expatriate)
Supervisor, Energy & Electricity

Our priority: Round-the-clock safety and Zero Harm

  • • Heighten our personnel’s safety awareness so as to embed and maintain a culture of safety and willingly adopt safe behaviour
  • • Introduce various programs designed to improve the health and well-being of our employees, such as safe driving and fatigue management programs, and support and promote community health programs
  • • Encourage our contractors, partners and suppliers to assimilate and comply with our standards for occupational health and safety

“Our individual and collective performance will exist only if we follow health and safety rules and adopt exemplary behaviour on a daily basis! Safety starts with Me!”

Advisor, Health and Safety Systems


  • • Introduce targeted performance tools and initiatives that develop and sustain a performance culture
  • • Increase production capacity for the long term
  • • Effectively manage risks in accordance with the industry’s accepted international standards (ISO 31000:2009)

“Our performance is evident day and night in our respect for the safety rules and in reaching our ramp-up and production targets for the Metallurgical Plant.”

Control Room Operator

Create added value

“Controlling costs ensures we can stay competitive on the world’s markets and ensures Koniambo Nickel’s sustainability in the long term.”

Stéphane WAMYTAN
Junior Management Accountant

Show environmental leadership 

  • • Comply with all regulatory thresholds concerning the environment
  • • Provide understandable and transparent information on our environmental performance to our stakeholders and work with them to limit the environmental impacts of our manufacturing cycle and production chain.
  • • Continually improve efficiency in our use of raw materials, energy and natural resources
  • • Work with other organisations, governments and groups to introduce solutions that address climate change

“Thanks to our network of air quality monitoring stations we can control the impact of our activities on our environment and the communities.”

Nicholas MATHIEU
Department manager, NST Production

To support Koniambo Nickel's performance culture, communication is our intended vehicle by which we can act in complete transparency vis-à-vis everyone affected or likely to be affected by our activity: our personnel, our communities and our stakeholders.

Koniambo Nickel SAS