Our company

A high-quality nickel deposit, a genuine performance culture, controlled costs and a demanding sustainable development policy: Koniambo Nickel embodies a country's dream.

It all began with a dream: a world-class industry built upon respect for the environment and people.

Based in the North Province of New Caledonia, Koniambo Nickel SAS operates a world-class industrial complex which, at peak production, will make New Caledonia one of the world's largest nickel producers.

Thanks to a high-grade nickel deposit, Koniambo Nickel forecasts long-term, low-cost operations, governed by a very demanding sustainable development policy.

With its origins enmeshed in New Caledonia's history, this industrial complex is a powerful driver for New Caledonia's economic and social development and and is helping to build its future.

our vision

  • • Koniambo Nickel operates a world-class industrial site that functions according to the principles of sustainable development and ensures a competitive cost-price to position us as one of the world’s most competitive ferronickel producers. 
  • • Through its direct and induced activities, Koniambo Nickel is an economic rebalancing factor, generating positive and long-term economic returns for its shareholders, for the North Province and for New Caledonia.

Our mission

  • Safely ramp up all of Koniambo Nickel’s facilities to their nameplate production capacity :
  • while upholding our quality and cost objectives, and
  • while holding our communities and environment in very high regard.


  • Our values express our convictions and nourish our common culture :
  • • Health and safety. We make personal health and safety a core value
  • • Respect. Our respect for others is absolute, and we consider diversity an asset
  • • Performance. We are committed to achieving a production-cost performance that guarantees economic benefits
  • • Pride. We are proud to contribute to the growth and sustainability of Koniambo Nickel
  • • Sustainable. We respect our communities and environment
  • • Integrity and rigorous compliance. Our conduct is honest, transparent, professional, accountable and rigorous

The strategic focus

The strategic focus for Koniambo going forward is to build a business with sound long-term fundamentals: environmental management approaches that limit impact, dialogue with local communities, and a solid economic base. This means the benefits of the business will flow for generations to come.

2015 will be a year of Consolidation : 

1 - Improve safety performance for employees and contractors

2 - Continue existing environmental management and rehabilitation program

3 - Ensure air and water quality are maintained through changes to site operations

4 - Enhance community dialogue and information during the transition to a leaner, more sustainable business

5 - Continue to support and develop our people and communities

Our industrial complex

Notre complexe industriel #
Koniambo Nickel SAS