Our commitment to nature

Koniambo Nickel is an international example of sustainable development. Our commitment: to limit the impact of the industrial complex on New Caledonia’s natural environment so that future generations can be proud of this achievement and can continue to live in harmony in their natural setting.

1. Carry out sustained environmental impact assessments

More than 10 years were spent in producing comprehensive environmental impact assessments prior to beginning construction in 2008. The findings gave us a better grasp of the environmental context in which we would work and helped us to anticipate the impact of the construction and operation of our industrial complex (click here to download the Environmental Baseline Study in French only). Environmental protection is now one of the core elements of our Sustainable Development Policy.

“Environmental protection is one of the core elements of our Sustainable Development Policy.”

New Caledonia is host to a remarkable marine and terrestrial biodiversity. Protection of the various ecosystems, especially the lagoon, mangrove and watercourse ecosystems, is one of the foundations of our environmental policies. As well, rehabilitation of affected areas will be taking place throughout the mine’s operation. We must also respond to the expectations of our stakeholders in relation to airborne emissions and effluent from our facilities.

Surveillance accrue

2. Increased monitoring

Since 2006, one of our commitments has been to carry out the basic monitoring and management program we introduced to control the Project’s impact on water quality and marine plants and wildlife. The monitoring program was developed based on the information available since the start of the design work and on solid monitoring protocols scientifically approved at the international level.

As Koniambo Nickel moves forward with its operations, new data will in all likelihood be added to what we know and be potentially used to adjust and refine our current monitoring and management measures.

Respect des normes les plus strictes

3. Compliance with the most stringent standards

Koniambo Nickel is committed to complying with all the standards, policies, codes of practice and international conventions applicable in New Caledonia. Where New Caledonian or French standards are silent, the corporation generally follows internationally recognised standards and the directives issued by the European Union, the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, and Canada.

Koniambo Nickel also has plans to earn ISO 14001 certification in the years to come. This standard for environmental management was established to help corporations limit their environmental footprint, comply with environmental laws, regulations and other requirements, and set up continuous improvement programs.

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