Our actions and projects


Over and above the hundreds of information visits held among the regional tribes, the schools and several of New Caledonia’s institutions, teams from Koniambo Nickel have held some very successful Open Door Days while the construction was underway. Since 2009, some 12,000 people (mostly from the North Province, and some from the South Province and the Loyalty Islands) came to see for themselves the extent of the construction and its progress. Visits were also organised while the port’s access channel was being dredged.

”Since 2009, some 12,000 people came to see for themselves the extent of the construction and its progress.”

In 2014, during our Special "Environment" Open Door Day on June 14th, 700 visitors registered for a tour of our plants and facilities and to meet our employees.


Koniambo Nickel’s Sustainable Development Policy addresses the concerns of the local communities by sustaining a frank, transparent and ongoing dialogue, in which respect and listening are reciprocally upheld values. In fact, the corporate commitment goes well beyond that because Koniambo Nickel regularly contributes to the financing of local initiatives designed to improve the quality of life of citizens and encourages its employees to be personally and actively involved in community life.

”Koniambo Nickel regularly contributes to the financing of local initiatives designed to improve the quality of life of citizens.”


It is no surprise that we call the Koniambo Nickel metallurgical complex a people project. The community played an instrumental role in its realization. Not only do we believe that the community needs to remain informed about the action on their land, but we also value their input and actively seek dialogues with them on a variety of topics. In 2014 only, our CEK held four plenary meetings in order to take the pulse of the local community. In that spirit, Koniambo Nickel also met directly with the tribes surrounding its site: in 2014, we held 50 meetings in the region surrounding the plant. These plenaries and meetings were an excellent way for Koniambo Nickel and the CEK to meet with customary leaders of all over the North Province and get a sense of their concerns, ideas, visions and hopes for their tribes with regards to the economic, environmental and social issues that appeal to them.

 "Our community department is a precious link between company and its communities for two-way information exchange. We answer the community’s questions regarding the plant ... the company will even offer technical support to community members wishing to start their own businesses."

–Darling Poany, Field Officer, Community Relations Department, Koniambo Nickel.

Corporate citizenship

Koniambo Nickel invited the Domestic Violence and Women’s Association to come and lead some workshops at Vavouto in July 2012. This collaborative effort was repeated in 2013. Koniambo Nickel also deliberately involves itself in resolving social problems that affect it directly. For example, it invests in programs promoting lawful and safe driving behaviour beyond the site’s limits. We recognise that the construction of our industrial complex has resulted in unusual highway traffic in the North Province, and thus in increased risks.

“Koniambo Nickel deliberately involves itself in resolving social problems.”

Since 2012, Koniambo Nickel has also been collaborating on many fronts with the public authorities to halt the spiralling number of traffic accidents by holding thematic information sessions (with topical presentations and fun exercises) attended by thousands of people in the VKP area.

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