Our actions and projects

Developing our workforce skills

Creation of a skills model:

In July 2013, after holding workshops with its employees from the various trades, professions and levels of management, Koniambo Nickel developed its skills model.

  • Koniambo Nickel uses this model to:
  • • Recruit
  • • Develop descriptions of our trades, professions and positions
  • • Manage performance
  • • Offer training and other professional development opportunities
  • • Manage our succession and develop our potential recruits
  • “Our skills model is central to the development and management of our human capital.”

    Mapping our skills:

    For Koniambo Nickel, a skill is the sum of what one knows (learned during initial training, education, theoretical training, and so forth), know-how (learned during the exercise of one’s trade or profession) and soft skills or self-management aptitudes (behaviour suitably matched with company values). We have mapped out expected skill sets based on job postings. This map informs our employees about the sought-after skills and guides our offer of training and professional development opportunities, including project assignments, professional apprenticing, and coaching.


Preparing for a professional career

Given the characteristics of the local talent pool and Koniambo Nickel’s required skills for its Operations phase, the company has developed an innovative training policy designed to foster the hiring of New Caledonians. With local job promotion and hiring its priority, Koniambo Nickel has set up pre-hiring training programs to better prepare its future employees for the positions they will fill within the company.

In 2014, 80 candidates participated in the Pre-Hiring Training Program to develop skills essential for Koniambo Nickel but lacking in the VKP area.

“Thus far, more than 500 New Caledonians have taken advantage of this program.”
“Thus far, more than 500 New Caledonians have taken advantage of this program.”

Individual performance management program:

Within our culture of performance, it is the aggregation of individual performances that ensures Koniambo Nickel can reach its strategic objectives. It is in this way that everyone can contribute to the company’s overall performance in a continuous improvement framework.

It is our goal to have every worker take ownership of previously defined SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely). The regular performance review interview is the preferred moment for an employee and supervisor to discuss results relative to the goals and observed behaviour relative to our values and our skills model.

Succession management

Identifying potential recruits

We have a structured process for identifying potential recruits that meshes with our succession planning strategy in that we propose avenues of development to them.

  • For Koniambo Nickel, a potential recruit is a person who:
  • • Acts in accordance with the company’s values
  • • Demonstrates strong motivation to overcome challenges
  • • Is willing and able to step outside a comfort zone
  • • Demonstrates humility
  • • Aspires to grow and assume greater responsibilities
  • • Performs
  • •Has self-management aptitudes that fit into our skills model

Tutoring: the transfer of experience from expert to apprentice:

Tutoring is a form of technical and pedagogical coaching on the job, coupled with follow-up evaluations and validation of skills. The tutor (the experienced employee) has the task of transferring personally acquired skills and knowledge to an employee who will later be able to fill a targeted position autonomously.

“People are truly accompanied though their development and evolution within the company."

– Cédric Valois, Engineer in charge of the monitoring of industrial emissions, Koniambo Nickel.

We want to have a presence in educational institutions and have sustainable partnerships with them. This involves, among other things, having our professionals participate in career fairs and other career-guidance events.

“Koniambo Nickel encourages its workers to be real ambassadors going out to encounter New Caledonian youth and share with them the company’s values and their personal passion for their work.”

Social dialogue and diversity development: fundamental values

Fostering social relations

Reinforce trust among stakeholders: Trust among stakeholders can exist if each one has expressed willingness to follow the path of respectful and sustainable social dialogue, with due regard for the expectations and concerns of the others.

“I am proud of my employer ... because it was the first company to sign unique agreements like the one that grants exceptional leave time for traditional events or the one related to variable remuneration for  orkers and employees, thereby not hesitating to challenge the established New Caledonian order and to instill a culture of performance in our businesses” 

– Sabrina Marlier, Human Resources Director, Koniambo Nickel.

Diversity and integration

Special leaves: mindful of New Caledonia’s cultural diversity and of the various family, Customary or cultural events that go with diversity, Koniambo Nickel and its social partners have introduced an authorisation procedure for special leaves with pay. The arrangement is part of Koniambo Nickel’s employer-labour workplace agreement and makes it possible for every worker to reconcile their work life with their personal life.

Gender rebalancing in employment: We are mindful of the considerable potential for improving the representation of women in trades and professions conventionally allotted to men.

“Women now account for 30% of Koniambo Nickel’s workforce. Our strong commitment for achieving gender equality is putting Koniambo Nickel out front in the historically very male mining sector.”

Employee initiation:
We introduced an initiation process, including a seminar, to welcome all new employees. We also hold Intercultural Days to help new arrivals adjust to New Caledonia’s culture. This initiative takes place in a tribe of the Voh-Koné-Pouembout region and helps participants gain familiarity with the local history, heritage, culture, customs and traditions in particular, and more generally affords them an opportunity to forge ties with the local communities.

Employee Health and Safety come first

“For Koniambo Nickel, personal safety is a core value, and for this reason Safety Performance is a major criteria for calculating the productivity premium.”
  • • We reward productivity with a special premium.
  • • We use the OSPAT tool for coaching operators of heavy equipment and critical equipment. The tool is part of our fatigue management toolbox and helps us check the performance readiness of employees at the start of each shift.
  • • We have an E-Learning platform through which we offer an alternative to “face-to-face” training, with more flexibility in the learning program.
  • • We have a Health and Safety Recognition Program deployed across our industrial site, by which an employee who performs a commendable Health and Safety action (for example, comes up with a safer method of work, identifies a hazard not yet registered in the workplace risk evaluations (EvRPs), etc.) is formally congratulated by the supervisor and receives an award.
  • • Our Health and Safety procedures were drawn up with input from the Operations teams, are based on Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and are optimised based on what has happened and is happening in Operations. Our priority concern is to ensure that every worker follows the procedures effectively and efficiently.
  • • The Industrial Hygiene service's first mission is to evaluate and confirm, through monitoring, the risks that could cause health damage. Those risks arise from different sources called "nuisances". These nuisances can be biological, such as legionella, physical, such as noise or heat, or chemical, such as gas and dust.

    In parallel, the Industrial Hygiene service is working in close cooperation with the occupational health and all the operation departments in order to set up means of reducing or removing the exposure of workers to contaminants, all this with the aim of preserving every employee's health. 

Ergonomics at work
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