Our trades and professions, your future

Koniambo Nickel offers many real career opportunities to New Caledonian youth. Discover the 16 key trades and professions that could well be your ticket to a job in the field of mining and metallurgy that is equal to your ambition, talent and skills.

Student work experience program

Work experience students

Koniambo Nickel wants to create opportunities for New Caledonian youth to discover the inner workings of its industrial complex through work experience sessions in its various sectors. Whether you are working toward professional certification or are in your first or second university dearee, or are attending an engineering school… Don’t hesitate to send in your application and tell us about your field of study, the length of your work experience placement, and the program of courses you have completed.

A work experience placement at Koniambo Nickel is an opportunity for learning from qualified professionals from a broad range of backgrounds, and for being genuinely involved on a team.

Our Human Resources department will greet you on Day 1 of your placement and you will be given individual follow-up for the duration. After it ends, we will ask you for your opinions so we can improve our side of the student work experience program and enhance the experience of the students in training at Koniambo Nickel.

Please keep in mind that a work experience placement is governed by a work experience agreement, which means you must be enrolled in a graduate or post-graduate institution.

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