Social Media Use Policy

The aims of this policy for using Koniambo Nickel’s social media are to establish a framework for communication within the community and to promote interaction in a friendly and respectful manner.

Koniambo Nickel welcomes discussion on the many topics related to its activities, and users are asked to observe the following rules when contributing to a discussion or conversation.


  • Everything that Koniambo Nickel publishes on social media is accessible to everyone without discrimination.

  • Users are asked to be polite and respectful of the opinions and views shared by others.


  • The language of Koniambo Nickel’s social media forums is French. Community users who contribute to the discussion in English will, however, be answered in English.

  • Foul language and inappropriate content will not be tolerated
    . Koniambo Nickel reserves the right to remove anything it deems inappropriate.


  • By participating in one of the forums hosted by Koniambo Nickel, users authorise Koniambo Nickel to publish their comments on the Web for an indefinite period, which means that their comments will be indexed by the Internet search engines. Images, videos and other content subject to copyright will be used only with the permission of the user who first shared them.


  • Users are encouraged to contribute to the discussion constructively. Comments must have a bearing on Koniambo Nickel, its activities and the nickel mining industry.

  • We advise against sharing confidential information. Please use our Contact Us page at our website if you have confidential questions or comments for us.


  • Users who participate in a discussion or conversation are asked to observe and respect the rules of use published by the various social networks: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Koniambo Nickel welcomes every opportunity for interacting with community members through the social media, where constructive ideas and responses can be shared in a respectful environment.

Koniambo Nickel reserves the right to change this policy and to close a forum without notice.

Koniambo Nickel SAS