Life in the north

Koné, the administrative capital of the North Province

Koné, the administrative capital of the North Province, is an agricultural municipality whose products, for the most part, come from its resident tribes. The other significant source of revenue for the city is its nickel sector, which employs a large part of the working population.

Just north of the city looms the majestic Koniambo massif — the source of the ore that feeds the nickel processing plant.

The Koné region features a large selection of outdoor activities, including excursions on foot, on horseback, or by car. Enjoy a picnic on Foué beach, where tourists are welcome. You may enjoy a trip up the mountain on a 4x4 or by horse, which is an opportunity to explore the extraordinary landscape. Or explore the New Caledonian wilderness and meet the tribes that live there. Depending on your destination, you may even have the chance to go camping.

If you would like to explore the East Coast, the Koné-Tiwaka route is the best one for travellers and certainly one of the most beautiful in the country. It winds among mountains and follows the rivers, with suitably appointed rest areas. There are places to relax, swim and admire magnificent panoramas, or you can head out to meet members of the local tribes. The Koné-Tiwaka route is definitely one of the must-see attractions of New Caledonia.

Municipality of Koné:


Voh, heart of New Caledonia

A small, quiet municipality in the North, Voh is an agricultural community with a booming livestock sector. With more than 2,000 residents, Voh is diversifying primarily through aquaculture, with half of the shrimp farms in the North Province.

In Voh, you can visit Gatope Beach, an inviting refuge where there are great places to swim and where you can climb the Katepaik massif, the cradle of the renowned Coeur de Voh mangrove.

North Province Tourism:



Pouembout is a predominantly agricultural community with a large number of crop and livestock farmers. It is also the location of New Caledonia’s agricultural college. It also welcomes hiking enthusiasts, especially on the Tia plateau.

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