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Koniambo Nickel is the reason our partners and contractors can create hundreds of jobs, making its complex an economic powerhouse for the country.

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The Koniambo Nickel complex is much more than 900 direct jobs. Koniambo Nickel was the reason our partners and contractors could create hundreds of jobs, making the complex an economic powerhouse of the country. Koniambo Nickel is thus an essential driving force for economic development, not only for the North Province but also for the country as a whole.

Every contractor, supplier and business partner delivering goods or services to Koniambo Nickel has successfully passed a systematic selection procedure designed to ensure that they uphold and will uphold our business principles, sustainable development policy, sustainable development standards, and performance objectives.

“Where equal quality exists at the same or better price, Koniambo Nickel's departments, sectors and divisions are strongly encouraged to purchase goods and services locally.”

This approach, which promotes social and economic development locally, also gives our company greater flexibility in planning and securing its supply of goods and services.

The contractors, suppliers and partners we select are engaged through a fair, formal process that clearly sets out the requirements in writing to ensure they comply with our business principles and sustainable development policies and standards.

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