Dear colleagues, 

Working for Koniambo Nickel means sharing, respecting and enforcing respect for our values and our Code of Conduct. This is a fundamental and non-negotiable duty that is imposed on each of us.

Our values and our Code of Conduct include all the rules we must follow. They set our priorities and guide our conduct in all circumstances. There are no exceptions.

At Koniambo Nickel, we all have a duty to work safely, ethically and sustainably

Every step in the progress we have made has been demanding. It has taken more than effort to face and overcome all the challenges we have met, for we have had to be operationally rigorous without fail in all our endeavours. And that must continue to be the driving force behind the operational excellence that we must

Managerial courage is a fundamental skill because making the right decision is not always easy, quick or obvious. However, there is no other way to maintain and develop the trust and values on which Koniambo Nickel is built.

Safety and respect, of course, are at the forefront of Koniambo Nickel’s daily concerns and this must continue. But there are other equally fundamental principles.

TAll managers have a duty to set an example. Our procedures, enshrined in the Code of Conduct and in all the policies we have implemented, apply to everyone, regardless of level of responsibility. No inappropriate behaviour can be excused.

At all times, we embody Koniambo Nickel, and our ethics and values must guide each of our actions. Not knowing the rules is not, and never will be, an excuse to justify the slightest departure from them.

Koniambo Nickel’s Code of Conduct is not a document that we read every day, but it is nonetheless essential in that it describes the rules that all of us, whether employees or contractors, have the obligation to respect and enforce.

It is also our duty to report inappropriate behaviour as well as behaviour that violates Koniambo Nickel’s rules, policies and values. There are many ways to report:

- IInform your hierarchical supervisor 

- Inform another supervisor

- Inform a member of management, in particular the legal affairs and human resources departments

Send a message to the dedicated e-mail address :
(codedeconduite@koniambonickel.nc), use the dedicated website (www.koniambonickel.nc/exprimer-preoccupations/index-en.html), or call the special number 05.00.20.

The women and men who make up our teams are at the heart of our business model. All the rules and policies put in place have only one objective: to preserve the physical and moral integrity of each person who works for Koniambo Nickel.

Doing the right thing and not hesitating to report any behaviour that undermines that integrity are the basis of the operational excellence that is essential to our rise to full production capacity.

An internal memo will be sent to you with all the links to Koniambo Nickel’s rules and policies, as well as a list of the ways to report. I ask each of you to read them carefully, in particular the updated Code of Conduct.

I count on you to read, apply and enforce these measures, in the interest of Koniambo
Nickel and to ensure our successful operating at capacity.

Kristan Straub
Président of Koniambo Nickel
Kristan STRAUB
Koniambo Nickel SAS