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Health and safety

Koniambo Nickel assesses occupational risks to protect employees


An Occupational Risk Assessment (ORA) is used to identify and assess the hazards associated with a place of work and then to introduce relevant and adapted prevention measures.

Most of the hazards identified in an ORA relate to the health and safety conditions observed at a work station (noise, vibrations, heat stresses, risk of falls, etc. A variety of steps can be taken to control these hazards, from setting up collective protective equipment (scaffolding, etc.) to implementing organisational measures (procedures, signage, etc.).

The ultimate goal of an ORA is to ensure that the measures required to protect the mental and physical health and safety of all employees are in place.

According to article R261-5 of New Caledonia’s Labour Code, an ORA must be reviewed regularly, i.e., every 3 years or after substantial changes in the conditions of work or in light of lessons learned.

Koniambo Nickel has fully integrated the ORA into its comprehensive risk management framework. The assessment was completed by its Quality and Risks team with the full cooperation of all sectors, which deployed the resources needed for assessing tasks and monitoring the ORA process.

Koniambo Nickel’s Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee or CHSCT — a committee that must exist in an organisation with 50 or more employees — was also involved in rolling out the ORA (method validation, progress tracking and work-place observations).

Koniambo Nickel has implemented the ORA site-wide since August 2015. 

Héloïse Huedro, Process Engineer, said: “It was a very rewarding activity, as it enabled us to take a step back to gain a better perspective of our operations and identify the priority actions needed for the greatest possible protection of the individuals whose daily work takes them into a high-risk setting”.

The ORA is now fully deployed, and it is up to each sector to take action. This entails:

-       Regular completion of Task Observation Cards

-       Defining preventive or corrective measures for hazards, where necessary

-       Following up on the action plans

-       Communicating outcomes to the teams


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