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July was an eventful month with many off-site presentations for Koniambo Nickel’s outreach teams.

In early July, three keenly motivated Koniambo Nickel employees were at Poindimié to participate in the 2016 edition of SOFIP, a job fair with a focus on guidance, training and workforce integration. A youth-event sponsored by the North Province, SOFIP creates encounters among student groups, private businesses and public institutions.


Then, on 29 and 30 July, two members of the Human Resources department and two operations employees were on hand at the Nouméa student and job fair, which attracted some 13,000 visitors during two hectic days.


Through these two events, Koniambo Nickel is consistently upholding its corporate position in favour of sustainable development: information was exchanged in a spirit of transparency with an audience comprising secondary school, college and university students, professors, parents and others who were just curious.


“Where will a BAC S get me?” or “What training do I need to take to operate one of your big trucks?”

These and many other questions were fielded by Karine, Kika, Murielle, Melvyn, Magali and Landry. Speaking from personal experience and thanks to their expertise in their very different sectors of activity, they enhanced Koniambo Nickel’s reputation and image of being resolutely “young” and dynamic.

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